Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hillary's Email Scandal Has Devastating National Security Ramifications

Yes, this issue MUST be pursued. Her actions have left the door to our national security wide open. The real question is, why do so many not see the importance and ramifications of her laxity. Can anyone be so clueless regarding our safety. One might ask were her lack of proper procedures for handling sensitive materials intentional or unintentional. Neither one is comforting.

By Chetan Hebbale

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on the author’s blog. The following is an abridged version. The full version can be read here.

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is one of the most important, yet largely undiscussed issues of the 2016 election. Even though this scandal has been going on for over a year, a vast majority of Americans are still unsure of what exactly she did wrong. Many in the Democratic Party believe this whole controversy has simply been a partisan, Republican attack to damage her Presidential campaign. That view has been reinforced by Sen. Bernie Sanders (D – Vermont) who has refused to raise the issue in the primary elections thus far – something both potential Republican nominees have promised to do in the general election. So what is going on here?

Anyone who has read about the scandal is aware that it involves a private email server and maybe something to do with classified information. Beyond all the confusion over what exactly she may have done, in August 2015 the FBI officially launched an investigation into Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server while she was Secretary of State. The FBI’s involvement should signal that this is no longer a partisan issue, they would only be called in if federal crimes were committed. The investigation is on-going but rumor has it that the FBI is ready to refer Clinton for indictment to the Department of Justice. The decision to prosecute Clinton lies with the Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Barack Obama. The FBI is rumored to make their official recommendation around May or June with the Democratic National Convention choosing the party’s Presidential nominee in July. 

FBI Director James Comey (Photo Credit: Association Press)

The primary issue that FBI investigators are looking at is whether or not Clinton knowingly retained, transmitted, or deleted classified information from her private server. Communicating this type of information through unsecure means could put highly classified government secrets at risk by making them susceptible to hackers and spies. As of January 2016, the State Department has withheld 22 emails from Clinton’s server as being too classified to release to the public. We know two of these emails surround the movement of North Korean missiles, and the specifics of a drone operation. Clinton has denied wrongdoing by saying these emails have all been retroactively classified, and she neither sent nor received information “marked classified” while Secretary of State. More importantly, as the head of the agency she was the ultimate arbiter of what information would or wouldn’t be considered classified at the time. After Clinton turned over 55,000 pages of emails to the State Department, she subsequently deleted the remaining contents on the server claiming those emails to be personal and not work-related.

There are several laws surrounding the mishandling of classified information which are spelled out under Title 18 US Criminal Codes and Procedures. The two statutes federal investigators are most interested in are Title 18 U.S. Code § 1924 and Title 18 U.S. Code § 793. A violation of Section 1924 is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine and up to a year in prison, while a violation of Section 793, “The Espionage Act,” is a felony punishable by a fine and up to ten years in prison.

The existing legal analysis of this issue has mostly been done by ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams, Emeritus Professor of Law Richard Lempert and Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus. Their arguments center on the difficulty to find compelling evidence that Hillary Clinton knowingly sent sensitive information, because there are no emails “marked classified” on her server. They also believe it would be hard to prove Clinton intentionally put American secrets at risk with her emailing practices and server security.

Based on the available evidence, I disagree with the existing legal conclusions and there are already signs that the Department of Justice does as well. Here are the reasons Hillary Clinton should and will be indicted for violating Section 1924 and Section 793 of US Title 18 while Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.

Songs of The Evil one's

The progressives and 'democratic socialists' are killing individualism and liberty in this country. 

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Petition For A Congressional Investigation Of The Assassination Of LaVoy Finicum

 Michael Hutton Finicum Rally National Stand By Me for Liberty Campaign 

Your Daily Bread for Life...4/28/16


Be warned: Evil takes the word "religion" and changes its foundations and calls it "good." Beware the false religions that mask as "good." Satan salivates to take a "good-sounding" word, like "religion," and use it to destroy souls, not save them. Look at the  "fruits" produced in a religion.  ARE THEY OF GOD ? OR ARE THEY OF MAN? Are followers firm in the foundations of God's Word or do they CHANGE the Way and Truth of God's Word? Does a group under the banner "religion" follow a book for the good, love and respect of others? OR DOES THEIR "BOOK" CALL FOR HARM FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT BELONG TO THEIR "FLOCK?" If love is not the center of a religion, if the God of Heaven's Armies is not honored above all, if a religion creates death and harm to others.... then it is of Satan and for harm and destruction.

Beware the leaders in the world today, including many "religions," who claim goodness when their fruits prove their rottenness and deceitful ploys to trap souls into their ways and into their flocks. SATAN DEVOURS, and he uses his taken to trap more hearts and minds.

Today, many of America's government leaders claim to be Christians but do not hold up to their oaths of office TO GOD OR TO US TO PROTECT AND DEFEND US AND OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS. They lie to God and to you. They call what is bad, "good." They call what is good, "bad." God tells you in His Word what they are like, how to recognize them..... what their "fruits" reveal.
HEED GOD'S LOVING WARNING FOR YOUR LIVES IN AMERICA NOW. You are free to accept God and Jesus as your Savior or free to follow the deceptive path of lies by his taken who only seek DESTRUCTION.

Don't underestimate the power of Satan over your heart and mind. He can blind and confuse and sway by powerful methods. Without God's Word FIRMLY set to combat the lies and the Holy Spirit in you, YOU CAN BE TRAPPED INTO THINKING SOMETHING IS GOOD AND RIGHT WHEN IT IS DEADLY TO YOUR SOUL, YOUR COUNTRY, YOUR ETERNAL FUTURE.

Continuing to support leaders who do not execute their oaths and commitment to citizens AND GOD, and still expecting them to "keep their words" now, is feeding a lying, deceptive beast with power ..... the result is devastating to our nation, our families, and ourselves. Trusting repeated CHANGERS and expecting good results is feeding the beast of your own destruction.
BE BOLD IN THE POWER OF CHRIST. STIFFEN YOUR NECK IN FAITH AND COURAGE AND DEFENSE OF THE ONE TRUE GOD. If we do not, Satan and his taken will gladly consume your soul from the neck up and the neck down. The spiritual battlefield is raging NOW. Choose your "side" very carefully. Do it now. There is only ONE FIRM FOUNDATION....GOD ALMIGHTY. All else is sinking sand. The great liar, Satan, wants your soul away from God. Choose now to stand firm with your Loving Father God today.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Clearing the air on fossil fuels: Here is the rest of the story

 We really need to objectively think this entire issue through sans hysteria!

"A large segment of the public has bought into the “we are killing our environment” idea put forth by the climate alarmists, and now meekly accept it when the United Nations and their own government advocate harmful solutions to climate change, ignoring the mounting pile of contrary data. Consequently, the economic damage done to regions of the U.S. and the thousands of American workers put on the unemployment line by the foolish policies of the Obama administration basically are accepted as necessary."

A few years ago Hal Willis, a scientist from the University of California, Santa Barbara, resigned from the American Physical Society after 67 years as a member, citing the global warming/climate change issue and the blind allegiance to global warming theory by so many of the Society’s members, as well as the organization’s failure to challenge these members in the name of true scientific investigation, and citing trillions of dollars of research funding as a major reason the practice of true science on climate change has been replaced by ideological advocacy.

Of the climate change issue Willis said, “It is the greatest pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a scientist.” His position has support from other scientists, among them Dr. Ivar Giaever, a 1973 Nobel Prize-Winner for physics.

Giaever joined more than 70 Nobel Science Laureates in signing an open letter in October of 2008 expressing strong support for then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, who had said “no challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.” Seven years later he believes Obama’s warning was a “ridiculous statement.” He told a Nobel forum last July, “I would say that basically global warming is a non-problem.”

Dr. Richard Lindzen is emeritus professor of Atmospheric Sciences at MIT. Citing the growing shrillness of the cries about “global warming” during his 30 years there, during which time he says “the climate has changed remarkably little,” he notes that the less the climate changes, the louder the warnings of climate catastrophe become.

In a recent video presentation by Prager University, he said that participants in the climate change debate fall into one of three groups.

Group One, he says, is associated with the scientific part of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Working Group 1), and are scientists that generally believe recent climate change is due to burning fossil fuels, which releases CO2 (carbon dioxide) and might eventually dangerously harm the planet.

Group Two is made up of scientists who, like Lindzen, don’t see the problem identified by Group One as an especially serious one. They say there are many reasons why the climate changes – the sun, clouds, oceans, the orbital variations of the Earth, as well as a myriad of other inputs, none of which are fully understood.

Group Three is made up of politicians, environmentalists and the media. Climate alarmism provides politicians money and power and environmentalists also get money as well as confirmation of their religious zealotry for the environment, while the issue satisfies the media’s need for a cause to support, money and headlines. Said Lindzen, “Doomsday scenarios sell.”


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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Many Faces Of Facebook..

By Jonathan E.P. Moore


One day at a time, we forge on. In the storm of "overwhelmingness," we often can not see that just beyond the next cloud is some light forming. Yes, the voices today tell us much that points to our destruction, and some days the volume is deafening and the "curl up and cover up" reaction seems like the only option. There's a lot we are learning, but I believe there is also much we don't know in the mounting resistance.

For me, I have learned that men and women who take oaths to God in government often have cold hearts and tell itching ears what they want to hear, but that God of Heaven's Armies is still in control....and
we must PRAY and speak to Him continually for what HE CAN DO..... in his mercy, grace, power, love, direction, counsel, strength, wisdom, and in his way and timing that produces the most good for all and His kingdom. I'm learning that faith in God requires much trust and patience.... that I know little in the ways of the Lord in the big picture, but must trust in the One who knows all and the best way to accomplish his will. I've learned to take more one-on-one time with God in prayer and in His Word for strength, wisdom, perseverance day by day. I've learned to turn off the news voices, the facebook chatter that can consume and create a radioactive mindset of defeat.

It is not in our own strength that we can sustain ourselves in spiritual battles that are raging in America and among us now. We don't battle mere men and women but dark spirits, demons, who have taken over souls and work for destruction. We are in spiritual warfare, and we must go to the Commander of Heaven's Armies for our instructions, "equipment," and sustainment of receiving "water in the desert." And we must PRAY for God to remove the scales from the eyes of the fooled and taken, to open up their ears to the warnings and truths they now reject. Remember God removing the scales from the eyes of Saul?

I tell you, we are being bombarded in many ways we don't even recognize yet. The enemy is emboldened, growing in taken souls, and rabid in doing much destruction. BUT
WE HAVE THE HIGHEST POWER AND AUTHORITY to go to and lead us in battle. The world can not give us what we need....Only God can sustain us in this fallen world. We must be strong and courageous... IN THE LORD, trusting His hand's work in us and around us, and bombarding HIM with our prayers for mercy, grace and divine intervention.... that he act in a way that glorifies HIM and his kingdom that the world may know it is not us but God who deserves the praise and honor and glory..... and then many more will be saved and come to the Father of Heaven in obedience and love.

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Letter From an American Patriot...

Your Daily Bread for Life...4/25/16

Saturday, April 23, 2016


You know, we have the experience and history of deception in the takeover of Germany and death of so many. The events and words and posters and media corruption then is repeating in America today. Promises were hailed then as they are now when all about us the world crumbles.Too many Americans refuse to look at the reality of the destruction of America happening before them, continuing on in their daily rituals, distracted attentions, and frozen, stubborn mindsets. This also happened to many Jews under Hitler. They were mesmerized by his charisma, tickled by his promises, fooled by his schemes. The "one" who promised to give them what they wanted only tickled their pride and greed in self, and gave it all away to one man to control and do whatever HE really intended to do: destroy a nation and build his own. Those in America swooning over sunrises, charity races, recycling, Earth day, legalizing marijuana, gay marriage, and all the other issues and rote activities of everyday life, day after day, refusing to divert their attention to the raging fires behind the walls, are just like the Jews of Hitler's day.... going along day after day in their own, feel-good choices while the foundation for their very feet for the future is being stolen from them, from all of us.

READ below the message by Charles Swindal:

"For over an hour the other day I strolled down Nostalgia Lane with a September 4, 1939, copy of Time magazine. What a journey! Pickups sold for $465 and best-selling books cost $2. Big news in the music world was Bing Crosby, whose records sold for 35 cents a platter. What was most intriguing, however, was the international scene, as presented by the staff writers. The threat of war was a slumbering giant, and Adolf Hitler's name appeared on almost every page of the Foreign News section. President Franklin Roosevelt was busy calming the troubled waters of our nation's fear of war, speaking openly of his "lovely hope for peace." In spite of the Nazi war machine that had already consumed Italy, Sicily, Albania, and was primed to pounce on Poland, Hungary, Belgium, and France, the talk in America was amazingly casual—a smug, business-as-usual attitude.

How naive we were! Little did we know that within months the insane fuehrer would unleash a hellish nightmare from which we could not escape. Before his screams were silenced, acres of soil would be covered with small white crosses, and thousands of American homes would have their tranquil plans for peace invaded by the brutal enemy of grief.

Every so often when we enter such a relatively calm era, it is easy to forget the prophet's warning to beware of those who superficially heal the brokenness of a nation by announcing "peace, peace" when "there is no peace" (Jeremiah 6:14; 8:11). And if we feel sufficiently comfortable and relaxed, it's mighty easy to block from our minds the Savior's prediction of "wars and rumors of wars" and His warning that "many false prophets will arise and mislead many" (Matt. 24:6–7, 11).

Who knows? Fifty years from now another preacher could be leafing through a Time magazine yellow with age, feeling a nostalgic twinge and smiling at what we consider modern times. He will no doubt notice the business-as-usual look on our faces, only to be seized with the realization that we had no idea what a ragged edge we were living on in our relaxed American culture.

If indeed there is an America fifty years from now.

We need to be alert. Sometimes the best of times may be a breeding ground

for the worst of times."

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...4/23/16




Why must so many let themselves fall into the destruction they were warned about so many times before accepting the truth that could have avoided their outcomes? Denying truths and facts because it goes against your ingrained thinking and repeated decisions is IGNORANT PRIDE. Some have spent so much time and lip service supporting and defending proven liars and deceivers.

MUST MORE PEOPLE BE HURT, HARMED, KILLED, JOBLESS, MORE IN DEBT, LESS FREE AND LESS SECURE BEFORE THE MASSES UNITE FOR THE FOUNDATIONS THAT KEEP US ALL FROM TUMBLING DOWN THE ROAD OF DESTRUCTION? Is a free IPhone and welfare more important than being free and having a government that protects that and your individual rights as an American citizen?

Too many focus on the crumbs, and call them amazing, while the whole loaf and entire bakery is being taken away from them. Trees are valued more than living, breathing lives in the womb with a heartbeat. Cutting down trees is seen as destructive and laws are made to protect them, but humans in the womb can be murdered and their body parts sold on the market for profit. Bullying is called bad and addressed in schools, yet the schools and our government bully your children into their way of speaking, thinking, learning. The "Earth" is glorified and exalted over the Creator. The messages of leaders who change what God says are elevated over the Word of God. Hate and revenge and anger are fueled over individual accountability and respect. Group thinking consumes minds over individual examination. History is being eroded and replaced with the "re-education" Obama said he would enact. The poisons are spreading like wildfire, and minds are being consumed.

THE CHANGERS ARE DESTROYING OUR NATION FROM WITHIN, TEMPTING WITH FREE GOODIES, PULLING WITH FALSE EMOTIONAL TRAPS, PITTING AMERICAN CITIZEN AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZEN all while Obama and his "democratic" administration lied about doing the opposite.... "will unite".... YET STILL some call them "good."
LIARS LIE. DECEIVERS DECEIVE, with the prettiest smiles, the coated gifts, the false promises, the charming presentations, and the distracting of your emotions. EVERY HUMAN IS FREE TO CHOOSE EVIL OR GOOD, no matter their title, position, wealth, or education. EVERY HUMAN MUST USE DISCERNMENT AND NOT IGNORE THE FRUITS THAT PRODUCE BAD THINGS FOR PEOPLE. Sticking to proven liars is giving your life over to evil parasites who will suck the life right out of you... every day. Don't open your hand for the crumbs while they chain your whole life.
PRIORITIES MUST BE FIRM FOR THE FOUNDATION OF LIFE, LIBERTY AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS..... for truth and respect and high moral standards. When that crumbles, so does society, so does law, so does individual freedom, so does the American life that so many have fought for and died for ... for ALL OF US. Defend your country by REBUKING AND REJECTING liars and troublemakers and deceivers who abuse their positions. Call them out no matter their party, their color of skin, their gender, their economic status, their position or title.
Look at America these last 7 years. The fall of society is in clear sight on center stage. To deny our fall and continue to advance past decisions when all about us is crumbling is to aid the evil people who con and deceive to gain their own power over us all. PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL. Those continuing to give evil its position give evil power to destroy us all, the truth tellers and the fooled.
THE FALL OF AMERICA IS REAL AND DANGEROUS. The poison is spread throughout our society, our government, our schools/universities, media, entertainment, sports, and even in many "churches." If we don't come together for a united nation for law and justice for all, for respect and compassion for all, for FREEDOM DEFENDED OVER ALL, then we will continue to FALL. Those continuing to give power to evil people in this nation own their on hand in America's fall. Aiding evil ends in destruction, EVERY TIME. Ignoring evil and calling it good because it gives you your immediate desires while ignoring the long-term consequences feeds the death of America, the government enslavement of citizens, the FALL OF FREEDOM ONCE PROTECTED, DEFENDED AND PRESERVED FOR GENERATIONS.

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By Jonathan E P Moore 4/22/16, Voter Fraud


Your Daily Bread for Life...4/22/16

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

By Jonathan E P Moore 4/20/16



30) Looking past all his civilian aides to order a Marine to hold an umbrella over his head like a butler for an entire speech at the Rose Garden, in violation of military regulations.

29) Forcing race-baiting class warfare propaganda, extreme PC "sensitivity" measures, and Gay Pride Month on soldiers.

28) Taking credit for the success of the surge he opposed in Iraq.

27) Taking credit for the success of the interrogation policies he opposed that located Osama bin Laden.

26) Skipping the funeral of the highest-ranking officer to be killed on foreign soil in over 40 years (Major-General Harold J. Greene), to play golf.

25) Smearing veterans as potential domestic terrorists.

24) Trying to make wounded veterans cover their own medical treatment through private health insurance plans, which would inevitably end up increasing their out-of-pocket costs.

23) Blaming our troops for the Taliban attacking them...for everything from objecting to pedophilia and advocating women's rights, to not wearing latex gloves while handling Korans and walking in front of Muslims while they are praying.

22) Rushing in to misrepresent the Ft. Hood massacre that killed 13 soldiers (one whom was pregnant) as mere "workplace violence."

21) Giving captured terrorists at Gitmo (who are drenched in soldiers' blood) a $750,000 soccer field, cable TV, entertainment, classes in painting, etc., while stripping away benefits for soldiers at every turn.

20) Ordering federal agencies to make the sequester cuts as painful as possible for the American people, which ended up cutting tuition assistance for soldiers and increasing other college costs for the Armed Forces across the board.

19) Denying veterans from all over the country access to the WWII Memorial in Washington over a staged government shutdown while allowing illegal immigrants to hold a political rally on closed federal grounds.

18) Cutting military health care benefits and pensions while increasing spending on unionized federal bureaucrats (Obama voters).

17) Ignoring a former Marine frivolously imprisoned in Mexico on trumped up weapons charges.

16) Using soldiers to help a terror-sponsoring dictator fight off outraged civilian protesters.

15) Purging the military of oath-keeping constitutionalists.

14) Imposing draconian cuts to the things we are actually supposed to be spending tax dollars on under the Constitution (like the military), while exploding spending on things the Federal Government has no authority to even be involved in, like Obama's trillion-dollar health care takeover.

13) Silencing and criminalizing Christianity in the military.

12) Banning time-proven interrogation techniques and insisting on treating foreign terrorists as mere common criminals to be tried in American courts, as civilians.

11) Suppressing military votes.

10) Imposing ludicrous rules of engagement on our troops that have needlessly gotten many soldiers killed.

9) Appeasing our enemies, backing down after drawing "red lines" in the sand, betraying our allies, and dismantling our missile defenses...all of which needlessly endangers our troops.

8) Cutting troops down to pre-WWII levels, and then allowing illegal immigrants into the military.

7) Allowing veterans to die on secret waiting lists at VA hospitals all over the country, after being warned about the manipulated numbers and obscene delays in care (welcome to 'universal health care') back in 2008.

6) Abandoning three decorated veterans and a U.S. ambassador to be dragged through the streets and tortured to death by bloodthirsty Islamic savages in Benghazi, and then falsely blaming it on Americans having the right to disagree with Islam in public.

5) Releasing numerous terrorists back onto the streets so they could return and attack our soldiers, including one who ended up becoming the leader of ISIS.
4) Releasing five major terrorist leaders to appease the Taliban into releasing one America-hating deserter.

3) Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq while handing Afghanistan back to the Islamic fundamentalists who facilitated 9/11 (the Taliban).

2) Openly funding and arming Islamic terrorists.

1) Endlessly trampling the Constitution that soldiers are sworn to defend and attacking the rights they fight, bleed, and die to protect.......

Jonathan E P Moore ‘While You Were Sleeping’

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Monday, April 18, 2016

‘While You Were Sleeping’:By Jonathan E P Moore 4/19/16


‘While You Were Sleeping’:By Jonathan E P Moore 4/18/16


Saudi Arabia Threatens To Liquidate Its Treasury Holdings in U.S.IF :

Deceased Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud presents 

Barack Obama with the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit

Saudi Arabia Threatens to sell off hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of American assets held by the kingdom if Congress passes a bill that would allow the Saudi government to be held responsible in American courts for any role in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks



FROM: Darius Radmanesh

Your Daily Bread for Life... 4/18/16

Sunday, April 17, 2016


There's only one solid foundation to stand on. The storms will come because we live in this fallen world.

The spiritual battle is always in play. Stay near to the Commander of Heaven and His Word, and if you have godly friends, spend time with them, share your thoughts, and pray for one another. When we choose to stand with God, Satan will always try to knock us down. Jesus told us that would happen. They hated Him, they will hate those who accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

America became lazy, spoiled, greedy, prideful and took God off the top shelf. When the "taken" among us began their attacks throughout our society and in our churches, the masses did not stand firm but compromised. Minds were hijacked with lies: no spanking children, their self-esteem most important, just use time-out..... lies of homosexuality being a medical condition instead of a choice to make like any sin, movies and music more violent and sex-filled and ungodly... the feminists movement lying to women that they must be in competition with their husbands and other men, that motherhood was lowly work, paving the path of separation of the family unit.....the lies of the "flower children" that peace comes with only doing what makes me happy and taking drugs makes me happy, and running around singing and dancing and smiling will make all right in the world.....(have a coke, teach the world to sing in perfect harmony) many other examples of pre-meditated attacks on a strong, godly America once united on the

Too many selected their own lifestyle choices of ease and satisfaction and put God in the closet, maybe bringing him out on an occasional Sunday or when some major trial happened in their life. Then back in the closet He went. As society faltered, so did roles of leaders who rose in their "seats of power" for themselves and not for God and His ways. The poison spread and spread. The "little bit of yeast" let in infected the whole loaf. We have a sinful, divided, corrupt, and evil society. No longer do people filter their lives through Jesus but charge ahead making choices that satisfy and advance themselves, never considering the consequences of living without Christ.

As individuals, we must each choose our own path very carefully. The wise in Christ live seeking and asking God for direction, answers, and wisdom in this time. He will reveal to you what HE WANTS in this time, for His Kingdom work, in His plan, and in His timing. That's were hope, perseverance self-control and all the fruits of the spirt come in.....and trust and faith.... in the VICTOR, Jesus Christ....relationship, not religion.

Build your relationship with Christ and stand strong on His foundations as the spiritual battle escalates in America today.

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Paul Harvey may have died, ....BUT...his words LIVE ON
Freedom to Chains a radio broadcast from 1965 
by Paul Harvey, a word of prophecy for today.

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‘While You Were Sleeping’:By Jonathan E P Moore 4/17/16


Your Daily Bread for Life... 4/17/16

Saturday, April 16, 2016


When Satan tempts you, he always tempts you with something you want, some need or lust or thought. He jumps on the desire full throttle and says, "you deserve it," "it won't hurt you or anyone else," "make yourself happy." He'll even cause DOUBT in your mind, pushing into your mind, "Did God really say that?"

Unless you know the Word of God as your battle manual, you are weaponless to combat his traps. Why do you think the ungodly work so hard to remove the name of God and Jesus and His Word from ear and eye? The taken souls work for Satan to remove any filter from your Creator who gives you His Word for your salvation, but also in your daily spiritual battles against the prince of this world, the false light, the deceiver, the liar, the tempter, the destroyer.

Christian, don't put God's name on something that God's Word says to reject. Don't conform to the ways of the world, even the voices of religious leaders, who tell you something is good when God says it is not. Reject those who take God's Word and change its meaning and definition. "Do not add to his Word less he rebuke you and you be held a liar."

The Living Word brings order out of chaos, brings light on the darkness. Search it, memorize it, let it speak to you, and apply it to your life. Bring godly order into your days that you stand firm on the Word of God. You'll need that weapon of truth against the great deceiver every day. READ IT. SPEAK IT. LIVE IT.

Don't try to "live it" without reading it every day. Consume it, for Satan will twist it and con you with half truths and lead you astray if you do not READ IT. God's Word is for your daily living, your defense against deceivers and Satan, God's promises and truths are for your hope and faith; STAND ON THE FOUNDATIONS OF GOD AND HIS WORD, for the storms rage, the wolves are ravenous, and the deceivers are rabid.


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Something Really Stinks In This Election ...

Smells Bad On Both sides 

Sessions Asks: Who Runs Congress?

Elected Representatives or Lobbyists?
Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama)
Thursday, April 14, US Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) said on the floor of the Senate: “It’s time for us to represent the national interest. The time for the special interests is over on this subject. Congress has spoken repeatedly. The American people are getting tired of this. I’m getting tired of this. Who runs this place? Elected representatives or some high-paid lobbyists somewhere?” Sen. Sessions made his passionate remarks after lobbyists began sending out letters urging Senators to defeat an amendment that Sessions has sponsored.”

ObamaCare Full Of Holes...

Americans Find The Loophole To Get Around ObamaCare

Back in 2010, the Democrats who would not let their fellow congresscritters see the “Affordable” Care Act, known as “ObamaCare,” before it was passed thought they were so smart. Due to the stupidity of the American voter, the people were going to all end up enrolled in government approved health insurance programs that people with pre-existing conditions could enroll in, and all the healthy young people would pay for the sick older people….

The triumphant elite forgot one little thing. Despite Common Core, Americans still know how to do real, simple math, and the majority know how to budget on a limited income. (It’s called survival.)