Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nearly All Mass Shootings Have One Thing in Common... And It Isn't The Weapon

An analysis first requires that the liberal mainstream media admit that there is a problem.


Ted Cruz Decides to Run for President

Two Constitutional Wrongs

don't make Senator Cruz’ Presidential Ambitions Right for America

and it doesn't make him Right for the White House.


                                 Old Should Be New in Old Fashioned

In My Darkness

I wake to silly music in my head
And when I try to pray it hangs around.
How pitiful I am to be misled
By such a meaningless and petty sound!

Monday, March 30, 2015

The “commerce clause” of the U.S. Constitution

Trade Promotion Authority

The “commerce clause” of the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3) bestows upon Congress, not the president, the power “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations.” However, for the past several years, the Obama administration has been cobbling together the TPP and TTIP in secret, with representatives of major corporate and banking interests, along with privileged “stakeholders” from think tanks, labor unions, and environmental NGOs.  (NGOs are Non Government Organizations)

The Liberal Establishment’s Disinformation Campaign Against Article V

AND How It Misled Conservatives

Why do principled ‘conservatives’ who are united on so many other important issues so divided on this one issue?
How can so many, who seem to have a deep appreciation for our Constitution, have such fear and even disdain for this one very important part of it?
Here are the answers.
You won't be at all surprised to find out who has been behind it from the beginning.



25 Violations of Law

By President Obama and His Administration
Obama Administration uses IRS to target conservative, Christian and pro-Israel organizations, donors, and citizens.

Neither Fail Nor Forsake

I AM your God, and I will always BE,
I do not sleep, I do not slumber, too.
I watch a star evolve, I watch a flea,
I watch the universe; I'm watching you.


The High Cost of Patriotism

The price our Founding Fathers paid for our freedom is legendary. Hundreds of stories and articles not mention history books have related the pain, poverty and anguish that our Founders suffered because of their loyalty to America rather than the British Crown.
Not all of the original 56 died in poverty. There were several that managed to keep their collective heads above water. But in the end; yes, most were impoverished if not stone cold broke and many of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence are actually buried in ‘Potters Fields’ up and down the East Coast.

Everyday Is A Special Day

We don't need a special day set aside to remember those who die so we can be Free!

Everyday we wake up, is because of them that gave their life,


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Did Michelle and Susan Rice Deflect Attention From Obama's True Agenda In Nigeria?

 The Hashtag Campaign Was A Pathetic Veneer Covering The Truth

Obama installing Islam leaders while Michelle and Susan Rice provide cover?

The full-scale social engineering of President Barack Hussein Obama in the elections of countries where he has no business being seeks to install radical Islamists to power. Even though it’s a provable deadly blueprint that’s putting the West at great risk, no one is calling him on it.


I guess growing up a COUNTRY-BOY from TEXAS has huge disadvantages, it would seem FEW people outside of the SOUTH, seem to understand SARCASM…..The true intent is to bring attention to a subject, not sugarcoat it with lies like the LIBERALS do….So let’s get down to this REALITY, if I go to the TROUBLE of defaming, slandering or making fun of what I consider a Blithering Idiot LIBERAL & I somehow manage to do it without the use of Four-Letter Profane WORDS…I ask you WHAT’S the HARM…..

From the Pastor's Corner: Greatness

by Fr. George W. Rutler

It seems to me that greatness exists on two levels. One is that of those who do important things for the general society. Historians may debate whether this encompasses bad as well as good things. After all, there have been figures in history who were called great because they affected the world importantly, if dolorously. Napoleon changed the world in many ways, but he did so cruelly at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives and the exaction of unimaginable suffering. Then there have been those who saved civilization from near calamity.

If greatness as moral good is not part of the calculus, then bad men as well as good can be called great, if their influence was vast, whether for the good or for the bad. Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, for instance, killed more people and imposed more horrors than anyone else in history, but through the lens of moral indifference, they were great figures, if only because their crimes were on such a scale.

From a moral perspective, greatness is the peculiar laurel of those who have not done things on a great scale, but who did things that were good in defiance of things bad. As a teenager, I had already decided that Winston Churchill was a great man for the good, so in 1961 I persuaded my father—the greatest of men in my life—to accompany me into Manhattan to see Churchill when he visited Bernard Baruch. There was no conversation, only a nod and pleasing comment. It was all I needed for contact with greatness.

Later I read that Churchill thought the three most regrettable sadnesses were those of lives worn down by toil, worry and boredom. For all his hard work and worries and boring years as a man scorned, he was never worn down by them. That is a matter of natural virtue and a key to moral greatness. Yet Jesus was more than a great man that way.

When he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, some—guileless children and wizened elders—cheered him as a great man, but he was more than that, and anyone who defines him as only that misses the point. His divine nature, perfectly united with his human nature, exulted in common carpentry, just as much as he did in summoning all the galaxies into existence from the first light. His human worries were a descant on his insight into how heavy human hearts missed the fugitive beauty of the lilies of the field. Nothing bored him: not a single sparrow, nor a hair on a head.

The Palm Sunday crowds soon disappeared. Those who remained were transformed: work would be a votive offering and not a burden; worry would gentle into prudence; and boredom would be banished. For proof, there is the fact that Jesus the toiler would not worry about what the Father had prepared. And he who never was bored was the only man who never bored anyone.


The Rev. George William Rutler is pastor of St. Michael's located in New York City. Father Rutler has made documentary films in the United States and England, contributes to numerous scholarly and popular journals and has published 16 books on theology, history, cultural issues, and the lives of the saints, and also one book on sports, as a member of the U.S. Squash Racquets Association.

Use this link for more info on Father Rutler or to subscribe to his columns

The Stealthy, Deadly Rise Of Totalitarianism In The American System

Police State Coming?

It's the 1930's all over. Was there anyone on planet Earth at that time who would have believed that genocide and the elimination of the opposition would morph into a science?  We must ask ourselves are we now repeating history. Is this now happening here in America? Is our press free and unbiased, is our freedom of speech gone, has our entire Bill Of Rights being eroded to nothing?   

Ben Carson calls Obama a 'psychopath'

America!..If you are looking for a true American patriot who will not only combat the decadence which has infested our nations government and bring back true adherence to the ethical and moral values and principles which was once the very foundation and building block of our great nation..But also who is in addition a true Natural born Citizen of the United States??... look no further...Cast your vote and support behind a true America..Dr. Benjamin Carson for President 2016!

Millions Now Understanding the "Republi-con Corruption in UnConstitutional Cruz

Millions Now Understanding the "Republi-Con Corruption in Un-Constitutional CruzNew TV Spot Who Are The Birthers Rakes Cruz Crusaders

He Knew

Before the earth and sun and stars He was;
Created everything with love and grace;
Before the first was written knew the laws;
Ere Adam breathed He knew the human race.

Sharing With Patriots

I would like to share with everyone both a comment stated by my dear friend Sue, and in addition my reply to her...I am doing so because I truly believe that the points which I have addressed in my reply to her are of absolute great importance and highly relevant with connection to the pending 2016 elections.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

an odd deal from the start Kraft and Heinz

Reading the Fine Print in the Heinz-Kraft Deal

The $70 billion combination of Kraft and Heinz is a big, big deal, but it is perhaps most interesting for how the parties have agreed to run the combined company.

Fact Checking the Obama Administration’s Claim That 14.1 Million People Gain Health Coverage

The following article gets into the weeds some what, but does correct a few misconceptions trumpeted by the authorities.

Did 14.1 Million People Gain Health Coverage? Fact Checking the Obama Administration’s Claim

Give Account

The final Judgment Day will come too soon
To those who did not think that it will be,
When every knee shall bow and tongue shall croon
With praises to the Lord for all to see.

New O’Keefe Video: Cornell Dean Advises on Starting ISIS Club

Allowing an ISIS "freedom fighter" to conduct a training camp for Cornell students is ". . . like bringing in a coach, to do training on a sports team or something.

That's what Joseph Scaffido, Assistant Dean of Students at Cornell, said to our undercover investigator when they discussed creating a campus club focused on aiding Hamas and ISIS. 

Does that outrage you as much as it does me? You won't believe what else Scaffido had to say. You can watch the four-minute video 

James O'Keefe <info@projectveritas.com>

Before viewing the following video, sit down and put down any containers of liquids or food  that you may be consuming lest you choke.


This Is America!  Act Like It

Friday, March 27, 2015

Andreas Lubitz, Depression, and Psychiatric Medications

First the speculation was that he had converted to Islam and committed an act of Jihad. Now it  appears that his act may have been a result of depression.
Maybe, maybe not. It now seems to have been established that he was being treated for depression, and had apparently hidden his condition quite well. For the sake of argument, let's say he was and was taking an anti-depressant. Most mentally ill people are not homicidal, but ironically, certain anti-psychotic, anti-depressant, and anti-anxiety drugs can induce such behavior and are labeled with such a warning.   Top Ten Legal Drugs Linked To Violence 

For a partial list of persons committing mass murder while on these drugs, go to A Brief History of Psychotropic Drugs Prescribed to Mass Murderers

Increase and Abound

May Jesus cause your spirit to abound
As He becomes more present in your life,
To make the gospel message to be found
Among the mass of men who live in strife.

DeMint at Yale: Academic Censorship as a Political Weapon

Portrait of Jim DeMint

Yes, it seems as though our major universities are going full bore against the first amendment. Sadly, how many students realize that they are being manipulate into their own destruction.

Oklahomans to call for convention to amend U.S. Constitution

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Politics of Extinction

Dr. Warner discusses the importance of allies and the difference between friends and allies.

When faced with death we need to look at our politics. Extinction of our civilization is a death so we need to look at the politics of extinction. In a war you don’t need friends, you need allies. This distinction is important, because you have to like a friend, but you don’t need to like an ally. Under the threat of annihilation we need to see that we that all Kafirs are in the same boat. All of those threatened with extinction are Kafirs. Politics makes strange bedfellows, so atheist, Protestant, Buddhist and every other flavor of Kafir must work together to survive.

Listen to the short video below.



If you are a CHRISTIAN & you WATER down your BELIEFS to a point that its meaningless....What do you have?

If you were an OLD SCHOOL Democrat & your party had been so watered down with Liberal Communists.........What do you have?

If you are a Conservative Republican & your Party has been so watered down with Democrats....What do you have?.... 

If you had a country who had MORALS & a WORK ETHIC that rewarded effort & doing what was right & watered it down to a point that we are nothing more than a WELFARE STATE & where the Ultra-Rich are the Only ones with the money.....What do you have?

If you allow a SOCIETY  to reward bad behavior, never hold anyone accountable while doing nothing about it ....What do you have?

If you ELECT Leaders who seemingly only need to have the ability to LIE like the DEVIL , look good in a Silk Suit & have the Mind of a CRIMINAL...What do you have?

I could go on, but why bother. No one else seems to care or give a damn.....

So come on tell me JUST WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?....Let me tell you this unless we are willing to lay it on the line & take Responsibility for our actions & our lives  ....We are nothing but useless, spineless, ball less Pathetic LOSERS....because we became part of the PROBLEM.....We spend more time TEARING down each other than trying to heal, cure, search, hope or God Forbid PRAY for a Solution to our Problems.... 

All anyone says anymore is Why didn't you (the other guy) do something....to stop this....I'm afraid, I was too dumb or stupid.....well stupid SHEEP you will be DEAD....And there won't be one DAMN person in this CORRUPT COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT that will shed one damn tear over you death, your families death & AMERICA'S DEATH....I hope you're Proud....

A Half Baked “Dark Money Scandal” Hits Scott Walker

As usual, the knives are out for any front runner of whom the left is very fearful.  As the Article below shows, apparently there were no favors granted to John Menard for his donation to the Wisconsin Club For Growth. Will the MSM play up the so-called scandal, or do an honest well investigated report. Okay, that was a trick question. 
The fact that there is no there, there will not deter the smear campaign.

Greatest in the Kingdom

The greatest in the kingdom is the least:
A little child without pretentious claim
Who waits until the guests have left the feast
To have the smallest portion all the same.

Does He or Does He Not comply With the Law of The Land : Constitution

Ted Cruz Is The Man To Destroy Obama’s Legacy and Shove It Back Down Barry’s Throat

Mayor takes stand against Muslim Shariah courts

'I will fight this with every fiber of my being'

Irving, Texas, Mayor Beth Van Duyne

Posted by Steven Aufiero

Stand back!! There is a woman with more balls than the majority of male politicians,and that includes the congress and senate.She is my new hero.She is the mayor of Texas.Read this awesome article about how she stands firm against stopping the muslims in Texas from bringing in Sharia law.No one can stop her.What a woman!!!!!

Rand Paul stole the fire

Rand Paul Steals Ted Cruz’s Fire

Written by 
Rand Paul stole the fire from fellow GOP candidate Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential announcement earlier this week. Senator Cruz is the first GOP candidate to formally his run for the 2016 GOP ticket. In a moment which should have belonged to the Texas Senator, he found himself sharing the limelight with his Kentucky rival. Paul jumped into the Cruz announcement by questioning his electability. During an interview with Fox’s Megyn Kelly Paul criticized Cruz for having limited appeal beyond the conservative base. “It isn't just about rousing a base. It's about exciting the base by being for the principles of liberty, but it's then taking those principles of liberty — not diluting them — and taking them to new people and bringing them into the party. That's the way you win general elections." Paul also praised his supporters who showed up in Paul tee-shirts at Cruz’s speech at Liberty University. The Cruz campaign tried to dismiss Paul’s comments as a deliberate distraction to draw attention away from the Cruz announcement.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Your Answer To The Big Question you Have .

In the 2008 election both major parties nominated candidates whose eligibility is dubious. For Barack Obama the question was whether he was born in Hawaii, which is U.S. soil. For John McCain the question was whether the Panama Canal Zone, where he was born, was U.S. soil. It is not, and being born of parents both of whom were U.S. citizens did not make him a "natural-born" citizen, although a statute was later adopted naturalizing such persons at birth.

God, You are Holy

O Lord, my God, You're holy, good and just;
There is not any wickedness in You.

The Internet Goes Berserk Over Cruz

 Why People’s Heads Are Exploding Over Ted Cruz’s Speech Announcing His Candidacy

Real Leadership We haven't had since President Reagan

Ted Cruz The Man


These are some reasons why the Dems are afraid he may win.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Are We Electing another Foreign National as our President

Senator Cruz’s entry does bring about some very interesting questions.

Keep in mind that it was the Tea Parties in Texas that launched Cruz to political stardom. The political reality is that it takes train loads of money (cash, pesos, dollars, gold bullion and IOU’s) to run for President. Jeb Bush has already had Karl Rove swoop in and grab up the Northeast establishment cash (estimates are currently in excess of $100M) and I am pretty sure that former Governor Rick Perry has pilfered the coffers of much of the Texas oil money.
With other Tea Party favorites (Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum) already splashing about in the “donation pool”, this does bring about a hard question. “Can the Texas Tornado raise enough to make a viable campaign happen“?

#WaronChristianity: Catholic College Won’t Offer Federal Loans, Citing Overreaching Regs

by Nate Madden
Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Wyoming Catholic College, a Catholic university founded in 2005 in Lander, announced in late February that it “shall not participate in federal student loan programs.”

The decision came after months of analysis and deliberations by the college and its board of directors.

“While the financial benefits are undeniable,” said a news release, “the increasingly burdensome regulatory requirements are clearly troubling for faith-based institutions.”

The decision to forego federal student loan and grant programs was reached in a unanimous vote by the college’s board of directors.